Rebecca Williams

Restorative Information Justice

featured in Artificial Intelligence in the City – Building Civic Engagement and Public Trust

Artificial Intelligence in the City collection cover

In February 2022, I attended an AI in the City: Building Civic Engagement and Public Trust symposium virtually hosted by McGill University.

Inspired by the restortative justice model and frustrated that most of artifical intelligence policy conversations focus on limiting assesments, I wrote a short essay entitled Restorative Information Justice which begins to outline how policies related to AI could support various types of generative restoration. Specifically, I considered how policies might focus on: (1) restoring our information position (e.g., suppression remedies), (2) restoring our privacy protections (e.g., The Fourth Amendent Is Not For Sale Act), or more largely (3) restoring justice (e.g., using technology for accountability).

The text is open access and available in English, French, and Spanish.

I'd love to build on this idea (far beyond these notes) with anyone who is interested.